My name is Timur Kristóf.

I’m a developer and electrical engineer who prefers quality over quantity. I currently contribute to the Linux open source graphics stack and other cool stuff.

Current work

I’m a subcontractor to Valve, working on the Linux open source graphics stack.

I contribute to RADV which is a Vulkan driver for AMD Radeon GPUs, along with ACO which is a shader compiler back-end for such GPUs.

Previous work

Here are some of the more interesting things I’ve worked on over the past decade.

  • SMOG-1 Pico satellite created by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I was responsible for the development of its on-board computer which coordinates all other subsystems. The satellite is still operational and working as intended, measuring the electro-smog around planet Earth.
  • Sailfish OS Mobile operating system development, working as a subcontractor for Jolla. Contributed to UI and middleware components of the operating system.
  • Syngo Worked at the clinical solutions department of Evosoft Hungary, developed software for medical devices and the healthcare industry in C#.
  • Sense/Net A long-long time ago I used to be a web developer for Sense/Net where I worked on several ECMS projects.
  • There are others which are not interesting and/or not relevant anymore, those are not listed here.

More info

I have a BSc in Electrical Engineering, but by the time I got my degree I had already been working as a developer for several years, so I haven’t worked on electronics projects other than SMOG-1.

These days I enjoy low-level development, which is why I work on a graphics driver. It is much more exciting than most of the “enterprisey” stuff that I had worked on previously.

How to contact me

Most places you can find me under the nickname Venemo